Psychic Standards Bureau



Benefits of Becoming a Member 

  • You will receive a JPEG file of our company logo which you will be able to display on your website and business stationary, social media, etc. this will ensure your customers and clients know that you adhere to our strict guidelines. 
  • You will receive a membership certificate which can be displayed in your place of work. 
  • Your name will be added to the members list on this website so that clients can check the authenticity and current status of your membership. 
  • Clients and customers have the right to complain if they feel you have acted in an unethical manner, all complainants are thoroughly investigated by the bureau. 
  • You will receive the PSB code of conduct manual. 
  • Any member failing to comply with the ethical 'Code of Conduct' as set out on this website and in your membership guidelines manual will be struck off the members list and the membership automatically cancelled without refund. 

Who Can Become A Member? 

  • Psychics and those offering psychic readings
  • Mediums who do private readings or give public demonstrations
  • Spiritual healers
  • Those offering training, teaching or psychic courses
  • Writers of spiritual literature and bloggers

Membership Costs
1 Year Membership £75.00
2 Year Membership £120.00
5 Year Membership £299.00

1 Year Membership

2 Year Membership

5 Year Membership