Psychic Standards Bureau



  1. Members must be dedicated to protecting the good name of spiritualism.
  2. Members must not knowingly attempt to defraud customers of clients or make fraudulent claims.
  3. Must not give information that might distress the clients.
  4. Must not teach about evil spirits, low vibrations or ghosts.
  5. Must be dedicated to proving the continuation of life after death.
  6. Must be dedicated to teaching that there is non-physical consciousness outside of the physical reality.
  7. Must at all times do their best in their spiritual work.
  8. Must look after their own spiritual well being and be of sound mind.
  9. Must work from the heart and always give love in their service.
  10. Must provide a service of the highest standard to support the growth of spiritualism and promote health of the soul.

Customer Complaints 

If anyone on this membership registration who has a current membership is found to be working against the code of conduct as laid out above, please complete the form below. A thorougher investigation will be made.  

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